PDQ Deploy User Roles


I have the PDQ Deploy used by 2 admin users in the system who write the scripts and perform the installs.
I want another user who can use some tasks  but not all scripts. Is there a way to restrict a user?

For example, just deploy and not edit scripts or share only certain tasks?
I thought maybe buy a separate account, install on a separate server and copy the processes I want.
Do you have an idea for a solution to me?



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  • Denis,

    This is functionality that I would like to see as well, but as far as I know PDQ has no granularity at all for user permissions. Any user of PDQ will get full permissions to all of its features.

  • This would be great, especially for larger teams that manage completely different sets of systems. 

    Even limiting access to the deployment user credentials would be a good start. 


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