Problems with autoupdating packages




  • Colby Bouma

    >Is this expected behaviour?

    Yes. Heartbeat triggers only fire when targets go from Offline to Online in Inventory.

    >If yes, whats the best way to accomplish my requirement?

    I'd recommend adding another trigger to your schedule such as Daily.

    >Do I need the retry setting in the package?

    No, you do not need to use the Retry Queue.

    >What does the setting "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" do

    The Target History tab of schedules keeps track of whether or not a target has successfully received a deployment. With that setting enabled, targets that have succeeded will not be deployed to until the Target History tab has been cleared (Auto Download does this automatically when it downloads a new version of a package).

    >Is there some kind of intervall running in the background which would have made to autoupdate the clients in the background if I just would have waited long enough.

    Only if those targets went from Offline to Online in Inventory. The default Heartbeat Interval is 5 minutes, so even if those targets get rebooted they may come back up before Inventory notices they went Offline.

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  • Jörn Hebbel

    Hi @...

    great thanks for the information. Confirms what I have observed. The only thing I do not understand is, why did the deployment not start after manually triggering a heartbeat in PDQ Inventory?


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  • Colby Bouma

    Manually triggering a heartbeat only pings a computer. The Heartbeat trigger only fires when a computer's Online status goes from No to Yes.

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