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When waking a machine - why does "sent via"

When Right-Clicking a machine name (or several at once) and choosing Tools - Wake, why does the the results box show different names that the machine I am using.

ex.  Pretend I am on - Machine A

Right click, Tools, Wake - Machine B

The Wake-On-Lan results windows shows:

Computer - Status - Elapsed - Sent Via

Machine B - online  - 44 seconds - Machine C

(The sent via column always shows a different machine that is in my Fleet.)  Doesn't make sense.  Why isn't it "Sent via" the machine PDQ is on or the machine I am using PDQ on?



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  • The machine has to be on the same subnet for WoL.  To cater for multi-vlan/site networks they send the WoL request via an online computer on the same subnet.