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Granular control of Dell Workstation Driver, BIOS, and Firmware Updates

Long story short, I want to be able to push updates to BIOS, Firmware, and Drivers to workstations in our environment in order to keep them all consistent and up to date. The Dell Command Update utility, as it currently stands, does not provide an acceptable solution, since we want our IT team--not Dell--to be responsible for deciding which updates get applied and when. 

I've tried a couple different approaches to this including the OME (OpenManage Essentials) EMC--which is not compatible with DCU 3.x or above, while OpenManage Enterprise is not compatible at all with workstation endpoints.

The Driver packages provided by Dell to download for manual install have been hit or miss, but mostly miss. Dell's DUP format self-extracting installers don't seem to play nice with PDQ, and even the installation executable payload inside of them often fails to push with PDQ. I suspect it has to do with the compatability checks Dell performs before letting you install the package interactively.

Getting the driver updates direct from the component manufacturer websites works... sometimes. Depends on the manufacturer and whether they even provide driver downloads, much less use a silent install friendly packager.

Has anyone come up with a solution to managing these things efficiently? So far from my experience it's been a big headache with lots of manual intervention to update machines, and the automation options don't look all that promising given the sheer number of different device drivers in our environment to monitor by inventory collections.