Variable for currently signed in user in collection/scan?

Is there a way to refer to the currently logged on user to use for scanning and collections? 

For example if the currently logged on user is Tom.Smith, then can I have that as $CurrentLoggedOnUser so I can do a file scan for:  

C:\Users\$CurrentLoggedonUser\Documents\File.csv to make sure I can check if File.csv exists for Tom.Smith's user folder path? 

I am banking on the currently logged in user to be relevant to whether active users have the file I need. But I don't want to assume the active user has the file just because "File.csv" was found in some other user's profile folder under c:\users.



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  • You can achieve this by creating a PowerShell script and deploy it :-)

    - Get currently logged on user --> $currentlyLoggedOnUser
    - Check if file exists in $currentlyLoggedOnUser ´s profile
    - then, do whatever you want (e.g. copy file if it does not exist)

    Or write a different PowerShell script and create a scan profile in inventory:
    - Get currently logged on user --> $currentlyLoggedOnUser
    - Check if file exists in $currentlyLoggedOnUser ´s profile
    - write the result as $TRUE or $FALSE to registry
    - create scanner for registry value
    Then you can deploy the script to all clients of your choice and scan that collection with your created scanner. After that you can create a report for that value and do what ever you want :-)


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