PDQ Deploy - Inventory collection membership issue


1. I have created 3 collections in PDQ Inventory, which indicate DELL command update version.

2. I created uninstall package for each of them.

3. I created a package which install  the latest version of dell command update

4. Now i combined these things in one package. So in summary there are 4 steps (3 for uninstallation and one for installation):

In every uninstall package the conditions are: Is a member of PDQ inventory collection (i selected applicable collection for every version, to match uninstaller) and in options the error mode is set as continue in each step as below:

The deployments are stopping always with error on 1st step (except computers with version 2.4) :

The deployment in computers with version 2.4 of DCU works as expected (unncessary steps are skipped):

 Is this some sort of bug ? What can be the reasons of mentioned behavior ?





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