Slow Start and slow UI

Both Deploy & Inventory versions 17,18 & 19 have a slow UI and require quite time to start. We have a very small set of computers. Running on a Windows 2012 R2 server on top of Xeon E3-1220 with 16GB RAM

Why is that?



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  • We are experiencing the same thing running it on a Windows Server 2016 running a Xeon Gold 6134 3.2 ghz with 16 gb ram. 

  • There are a few things that can help improve performance.

    1. Install Deploy and Inventory on an SSD, if you haven't already.
    2. Configure automatic cleanup in Options --> Preferences.
          Deployments --> Cleanup. If you do a lot of deployments, set this to a lower number.
          Repository --> See Unused Files. I recommend checking this periodically.
          PDQ Deploy --> Cleanup deployments older than. I recommend using the same value as Deployment cleanup.
          Scanning --> Auto Cleanup.

    If that doesn't help, please open a ticket with

  • Hello Colby, but why the UI is slow, there's nothing to do with the SSD or a fast disk...

    Also, earlier versions did not have this poor performance. Did you change the development framework of your apps?? 

  • I agree, we run ours on a VM (6.7) and I use the defaults. Inventory hangs more often than Deploy but both UIs are slow as molasses. 

  • We haven't changed any frameworks recently. Our products can slow down over time as more data accumulates. We are working on some performance improvements deep in the code, but I don't know when they'll be ready.

  • Same issue here, i think we will leave PDQdeploy : the UI is just unusable with many deployment running ... that's real fact.

    No renewal, if no quick fix. (this issue was mentioned 2 years ago : no excuse )

    i want to call PDQDeploy : the "NOT RESPONDING APP" !


    (and i don't no why there is a repository cleanup ... , )

  • Since update to v19.3 PDQDeploy and PDQInventory (again) take loooong time to start.

    Please optimize start behavior of the Applications, would be very much apprechiated!




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