PDQ Inventory report of computers with Old software, and what version the new software is

Hello, I am loving PDQ inventory for managing computers in my organization.  One thing that my management has wanted, is a report of any computer with out of date software, which software is out of date, and what the current version of the software is.  I don't think there is a native way to do exactly this in the PDQ report tool, so I made a SQL report that would do it and thought I would share since I have seen a few other posts where people request this.

The report I have does not report on all out of date software that PDQ provides, just a subset of the ones that I wanted to report on, but you can easily add whatever PDQ managed software you want to it by copying/pasting another of the UNION ALL blocks and providing the names of the relevant System variables for whichever software you want.

This one reports on:

Google chrome


Adobe reader DC

Adobe Reader XI


Java 7

Java 8






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