Filtering inventory based on computer model



  • GrantG

    I suspect you must have had an "All" with entries for the 5580 and the 5590. 

    That would mean it would have to contain both for it to match.  You'd want an "Any" so it could match either one.

    Try this


    For more advanced fun, you could use a PDQ custom variable, where you define the driver version.
    And use that in the collection settings.  So you could update multiple collections with one change, when your desired driver version changes, without having to go change every collection individually.

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  • Colby Bouma

    I recommend setting up 3 collections. You can download this XML file and import it, or recreate them from the screenshots below.

    1. Models.
    2. Latest driver. Make sure this collection and the next one are below the first one, and that you enable "Drill down from parent collection". Also, I recommend creating a Custom Variable for the driver version so you only have to change it in 1 place when a new version comes out.
    3. Old driver.
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  • Sean Rogers

    Awesome that worked.  Thanks guys for the help.

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