Edge for Business (Chromium) Install Blocks Edge Chromium Install?



  • Colby Bouma

    We disable automatic updates in most of our packages for several reasons.

    1. Deploy can do the automatic updating for you (Inventory can help). This saves bandwidth since Deploy is the only one downloading that package. https://documentation.pdq.com/PDQDeploy/
    2. By default, new versions are not approved until 7 days after we upload them. This leaves time for problems to be found and fixed.
    3. You can set up automatic testing groups to find issues before they hit your entire install base. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_UTOOP1P1Y

    If you wish to re-enable Edge's automatic updates, Copy the "Disable Auto Update" step, paste it into the Post-Steps section, then change "/d 0" to "/d 1".

    I'm not sure what the "Block Automatic Delivery" step is for, but I'll ask our packaging team.

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  • Kurt D

    I had the same question and I'm glad we can revert the change.  With users often working from home and not connecting to the VPN all the time, they'd miss out on important browser updates with auto updates disabled.

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  • Brian Nestor

    Any updates to this?  I get the disable auto update, but I don't understand step 4 and the blocking  automatic delivery of Microsoft Edge after its been installed?


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