Set custom timeouts in each step possible? [Solved]

Is it possible to set a custom timeout for a single step?
I have nothing found so far.



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  • You could separate the step into its own package and link it back as a Nested Package.

  • I haven´t thought about this idea yet. Thank you for that hint!

  • Chris I made an account on here specifically to request this feature as I have certain legacy applications from a specific company that all have a popup appear at the end of the installation that cannot be skipped. I can kill the task of the popup and the install will complete successfully, and this would solve the issue for my deployments. A nested package would likely work as well, though.


    EDIT: Nested package did not work, the installation does not inherit the timeout settings for the nested package. If the timeout were able to be applied to a single step, it should be able to act as a failure and continue to the next step. In the current circumstance, it hangs indefinitely as the popup appears in the background and does not close.

  • hey robert,

    For me the nested pkg works. But it would be much betterand easier when you could skip a step if a certain errorcode resullts:

    If (Errorcode -eq 100){ do Step 2} elseif(Errorcode -eq 101){ continue with Step 3} elseif(Errorcode -eq 102){do nothing and abort deployment}

    I use a powershell query in the first step to get the current state of the system. "Is windows locked or unlocked?" For the locked state the deployments ends with code 100. So every deployment that runs into code 100 is failed. When I add the 100 to successcodes the package does not run again... There would have to be another status for the deployments besides successful and failed, so that the package runs again when code 100 is met.

    We use some packages with interactive UI (PowerShell). The user must be actively working at the system and must be logged in (not locked).
    But some of the users did not click on "Continue" button. So for this install-step a separate timeout would be very nice with a specific errorcode.
    If the user clicks on "Defer" the deployment ends with code 60012, stated as "failed". 



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