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USB PnP device history with PowerShell

Is there a way to scan all computers to see if a USB drive was plugged in to it? I have the device instance ID and was able to use Get-PnpDevice to see where it is currently, but I need to get a report of any machine it was connected to. Any ideas from the awesome PDQ folks? Thanks!



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  • Hi Don,

    You can use the new PowerShell Scanner. Check
    You can also create a new WMI scanner using

    SELECT * FROM Win32_PnPEntity WHERE DeviceID = 'HID\\VID_045E&PID_07B1&MI_02&COL01\\8&3373FDB&0&0000'

    If there is a positive result, its stored under WMI (the last entry in computer properties window). You can use these results to create reports.

    whatch this this PDQ webcast to get some more hints how to use the scanners

    some DOCS to wmi can be found here

    Last but not least - you can deploy Nirsoft's USBDeview and export the list of USB devices to a shared folder as CSV file.