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PDQDeploy is AWFULLY slow, did you want to do something ?

... We pay a license for PDDeploy, and when we decide to lauch 3200 deployments ...  (3mo software ...) 

The GUI (pdqdeploy is installed on windows 2016 server vmware) always send (NOT RESPONDING) , my question is : do you intend to correct this MAJOR bug ?

Note : This is not the first time that your product is buggy with GUI.


Im' afraid , that next renewal of license won't be validated by our ceo.



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  • We are working on performance improvements. We recently dedicated a few developers to this. The most recent Beta ( has several improvements for Inventory.

  • I have the same issue. 

    I presumed it was because I was trying the beta.  It's pretty slow compared to how it used to work

  • Performance is entirely different running things from your desktop vs the server directly.  From what we have seen internally, running deploy and inventory on your local machine and the DBs on a central server is your best performance model