PDQ Link - is this the new Agent?



  • Colby Bouma

    That is correct. Link is not an agent for Deploy and Inventory, but rather a separate product that helps you set up a VPN that works well with Deploy and Inventory. We will not have an agent for Deploy and Inventory any time soon.

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  • Rudi Pretorius

    That's unfortunate, I was hoping for an agent to assist with resolving some of my more nettlesome scans, especially since the advent of Covid-19 and resulting the shift to the majority of company staff working from home. 

    The challenge I am facing are the LTE dongles and Mifi devices given to staff to use the company APN, these devices act as standalone routers with dedicated firewalls that prevent me from scanning the systems. I also have systems sitting on customer networks to control stocks that i cannot get too where the agent would have assisted greatly.

    Awesome product though, love it!

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  • Adam Nofsinger

    Do you use a VPN with these clients currently Rudi?  If not (or even if so potentially), PDQ Link could still help.  It's just maybe a little more than you are asking for if you don't for some reason want a VPN, or if you already have a VPN and are afraid of introducing a second one just because it works better with DNS, and thus PDQ scans/deploys.  That was my main disappointment in this not being an Agent.  But if you were a small company that had never setup a VPN, and suddenly find yourself with users at home, it is probably a great add, so still kudos to PDQ.

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