Wildcard with PDQ Inventory Report



  • Luke Nichols


    I usually find it's less hassle to just use a regular expression for use cases like this rather than have a ton of individual value filters, like so:

    Obviously you'll have to change my expression for your needs, but here's how it works:


    The caret (^) signals the start of the line and the dollar sign ($) signals the end of the line. You might not need them for this application but I use regex for other applications as well and it's easier for me to just always use them. Anything inside the parentheses will get matched as the first token. You don't need to know what tokens are for this use case. The pipe (|) means OR. Basically you're saying to match username1 OR username2 OR username3, etc. Then you set the comparison for the value filter to "Does Not Match Expression" to invert the results so the report will only show usernames that do not match your regular expression.

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  • Michael Martel


    That works perfectly. Thank you so much! I'll put that query in my toolbox for other reports too.

    Thanks again,


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