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  • Ian Macnaughtan

    Hello Dion. No doubt you've seen the article on this site re split tunnelling. Otherwise I'm also wondering how to add routes. And in fact how to get anything routing through the connection.

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  • Dion Dwityabaswara

    I see that split tunneling is enabled by default when I install PDQ Link server, but I don't see a way to disable it.  With the split tunnel its basically routing the network where the server is, but nothing else can be routed.  So I had to put user's IP addresses on the same network as the file servers (typically we put users on different network, hence the need for additional route).  It is working for us that way, but not the ideal way we do things.  Seeing that during install it says the software is in beta, I guess they'll add more features later.



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  • Steven Ferrell

    I had this same issue. There doesnt seem to be an official way of doing it yet so here's how I got it working:

    Similar to the steps found here: https://help.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048245471-Disabling-Split-Tunneling-for-PDQ-Link

    Use the PowerShell command "Add-VPNConnectionRoute" to add the routes you need. If you apply it to running clients, have them cycle the VPN connection and it should work.

    Add-VpnConnectionRoute -ConnectionName 'My VPN Connection' -DestinationPrefix
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  • Haute Subzero

    Adding the routes after the client is deployed is fine, but in our environment it would be much cleaner if I could actually include those in the client package so they're available immediately after installation. That prevent having the user do multiple steps if they're doing the installation. From the webcasts it sounds like all the client connection settings for the VPN are built using PS, so adding something into the stream pre-bundle would be wonderful. If this isn't something that's possible I'd recommend adding it as a feature in any future releases so you can provide a single canned package to deploy to the users.


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