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Current user shown as (disconnected)


I have users working remotely through VPN, using remote desktop. Today I saw for the first time the status (disconnected) next to the domain/user name.

Maybe the user lost connection to the VPN?

Would you mind explaining to me when this status is shown?


Thank you very much.






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  • Gerardo,

    I'm pretty sure the "disconnected" status just means the user is signed in but has locked their session so they are not actively working in it.

  • Did you ever find an answer to this? I have a machine that shows the current user in the disconnected state and I cannot deploy a package to them. Luke Nichols, typically if a have a workstation that is locked, the current user shows username(locked). I'm curious what logic determines a user is disconnected. 

  • I'd think that a disconnected session was established over RDP.  I see the same thing in VDI machines.  You can run a command to log users out of disconnected sessions.  Locked would be logged in locally.