Suppress PDQ link connection pop up



  • Christian Munoz

    +1 to this post. It pops up with each login for me as well

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  • Jason Dwyer

    I am experiencing this as well, it’s very annoying for my users to deal with.

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  • C Bradbury

    From PDQ Support:

    For the client issue, that is a bug on our end and the developers are aware of it. Unfortunately, I dont have an ETA on any sort of fix for that at this time though. 

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  • Ryan B

    Bradbury -- did you have to submit a support ticket to get that response?

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  • Chris Lambert

    I can confirm the issue persists on Client version 1.0.535-Beta

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  • Nick Simpson

    Any update on this? Would like to deploy to clients but want to not have the popup 

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  • Colby Mabile

    We would also like for this bug to be resolved, or at least have a workaround provided since we also want to deploy this out to our clients but do not want to have the pop up and would like to have this quietly connect without user interaction.

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  • Mark

    I found a workaround to this

    • Open Powershell
    • Copy and paste the below and save it to a .ps1 file
    • Get-Process PDQ.Link.Client | Foreach-Object { $_.CloseMainWindow() | Out-Null } | stop-process –force
    • Copy this file to the machines you want to use PDQ Link on
    • Create a new task in the task scheduler on the machine you will use PDQ Link
    • General Tab - Leave all as defaults except Configure for Win10 (make sure its run as logged in user)
    • Trigger Tab - On event. Log = Application. Source = RasClient. Event ID = 20225
    • The event 20225 is a successful connection to your network via the PDQ Link Client
    • Action Tab - Program/Script = powershell.exe
    • Action Tab - Add arguments = C:\Temp\closepdq.ps1 -WindowStyle Hidden (this is the path of where you copied the script to)
    • Conditions and Settings Tab - as you want
    • Save Task

    Close PDQ Link by disconnecting first then exit and reopen it to test. 


    This will auto hide the PDQ Link window, there will be a brief blue powershell window appear but then disappear quickly. 

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