Giving Weight to "Needs Reboot" Information

I'm using PDQ to manage my company's computer reboots. I have them set to update a list in inventory of computers that have a "Needs Reboot" or have an uptime of more than 7 days. This is working, but too often adds computers to the reboot list for something non-critical like renaming or deleting a temp file. I am wondering if there is a way to weight these restart criteria where Windows updates or program installs have a much heaver weight than a file renaming for a "Yes" to be added to the "Needs Reboot" field.   



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  • Shannon Hensley I was actually having the same issue and was trying to figure out a way to filter or sort out the machines that wanted to reboot for a pending file rename. I asked the question on their Q&A webinar this morning and Lex had the great suggestion of creating a SQL report that can drill down and find the machines that need a reboot based on Windows Update being in the detailed reboot summary. Right now I've just set up an auto report to send me an email every Monday morning with a list of what machines need to be rebooted for updates. Now mind you I am still pretty green when it comes to SQL, but this worked for me. 

    Computers.Name as "Computer Name",
    from Computers
    where Computers.DetailedReasonForReboot LIKE 'Windows Update%'





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