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When pushing new software to a large number of pc's, if the pc's are turned off, or the actual pc no longer exist, but the pc name is still live in Active Directory... 

Is there a setting, or command, to implement for the software to continuously go through the installation step UNTIL its successful. (or times out after x amount of tries)



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  • Briana,

    I recommend doing that with a Deploy schedule. You could target a dynamic collection and have it deploy on an interval, e.g. 1 hour. It will keep trying to redeploy to those machines until/if it is successful. Make sure your dynamic collection filters are set up so that machines with a successful deployment will no longer show up in the collection.

  • Luke! Thank you so much!

    I am sure I have more questions, I am still testing the software out, so keep an eye out for me! 


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