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Bluebeam Install

Trying to get Bluebeam 20 to install via Command Line. For BB 19+, you can us their config app to create a transform MST. This works great in 19 with the OCR software built in. However, in 20, OCR is a seperate install (pointless IMHO but it is what it is). Here is their command line install -

START /WAIT msiexec.exe /i "[path to deployment folder]\BluebeamOCR x64 20.msi" /qn && msiexec.exe /i "[path to deployment folder]\Bluebeam Revu x64 20.msi" TRANSFORMS="[path to deployment folder]\Bluebeam Revu x64 20.mst" /qn

This fails with error File not found on target computer. Running the this from a command line locally runs and installs fine. Removing the START /WAIT switch will run without failing but just runs and runs without installing. Removing START /WAIT msiexec.exe /i "[path to deployment folder]\BluebeamOCR x64 20.msi" /qn && will run and install the BB app without the OCR part (obviously).

Any thoughts on how to get the the OCR to install too?



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  • It looks like their installer command is basically just running two installers in sequence (using the && command). I would try doing this with two install steps in PDQ Deploy.

    1. The first step should be an install step. Give it the path to the BluebeamOCR MSI file and leave the options at defaults (/qn are default command line switches for an MSI install in PDQ).
    2. For the second step give it to the path to the Bluebeam Revu MSI file and include the TRANSFORMS stuff in the options for that install. Also make sure to include the MST file as an additional file or include the whole directory.
  • Thanks for the response Luke

    Thats what I figured I would have to do. Wont cause any issues just didnt know if anyone had run into this before or had issues similar. Ill give it a shot and let everyone know how it turned out.

  • Try the install without using the command line. I just downloaded it all to test it out and I was able to successfully install OCR + Revu 20 without any problems.

    Step 1 - Just insert the .msi for Bluebeam OCR, no changes are needed.


    Step 2 - Insert the .msi for Bluebeam Revu. Add a parameter TRANSFORMS="<Path of .mst file>" and add that .mst file to the Additional Files.


    Step 3 - Deploy.

  • This was a useful post. I got it to deploy as robert mentioned the steps above.

    Two small issues:
    I see that it is not registering? I did a test deploy to my machine. I chose no trial and entered the required serial and product key in the Configuration tool
    I created a bat script to deploy revu profiles - not working. but if I run the bat file directly off the PC the profile imports and gets set as its default profile.

  • Nick Ullom

    Have you tried running the install straight from a command line (i.e. eliminate PDQ) to see if the MST is working? Run this part and see if it registers:

    msiexec.exe /i "[path to deployment folder]\Bluebeam Revu x64 20.msi" TRANSFORMS="[path to deployment folder]\Bluebeam Revu x64 20.mst" /qn

    You also need to have a free license for Bluebeam to register properly. If you purchased 3 licenses and have installed 3 of them on machines, the 4th install wont register. Give the command line option a shot first and see what happens.

    Also note that OCR only works with an Extreme license. If you are only using standard, then you dont need to install OCR.

  • Csmith

    Thank You-

    I copied and paste that and created a bat file and ran it. It installed BlueBeam but still not registered.

    I did verify on the BlueBeam Reg lookup that we do have a license freed up which is mine.

    Good to know on the OCR as we have a number of standard and extreme licenses.

  • Nick Ullom

    So that means it has something to do with the MST file that the Configuration Editor created. Did you create the MST using the Bluebeam 20 packaged download? You can try recreating it and see if that works. If not, you will probably need to reach out to Bluebeam support and see what they say. Their support team is pretty responsive.

    Also curious to why you are using a batch file to run it. Should just be able to copy pasta or type the full path into a command line and it will run.