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Question about the Win10 Auto-Update Packages and Preview updates

Hi everyone.  Is there a way to have a auto-updating package for the latest Windows 10 cumulative update, but not the Preview updates?  For example, currently the “Win 10 (1903/1909) - Cumulative Update (64-bit) September 16 2020” package from PDQ has KB4577062 which is a Preview.  The “Win 10 (1903/1909) - Cumulative Update (64-bit) September 8 2020” package is what has KB4574727.  It is my understanding that a Preview cumulative update might as well be labelled beta test of the next month's cumulative update, or at least that is my interpretation based on

Of course, this may also impact the Collection Library in PDQi which is looking for the latest which is apparently looking for the Preview as well.  Is there a way to change the Collection Library to not be looking for Preview updates?