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Feature Request | PDQ Integration with CyberArk

We use CyberArk to automatically rotate credentials. We would like to do the same for the service account that PDQ runs under. CyberArk can change the service account password and then restart the PDQ services. However, it can change the password within the console Options > Deploy User. 

Right now, this is a manual task.



Date Votes
  • We also use cyberark and would like it to manage the service accounts.

  • Bumping this since I need it as well.

  • Bump. Considering the rights needed to use PDQ, it should be easy to rotate the creds for it. CyberArk is a common application for this task. LAPS, and countless others exist for similar purposes and would benefit from something like this. Please add this integration/capability.

  • This would be beneficial as started by others the prviledge required for pdq is quite excessive and rotation is a must, CyberArk is th eparket leadetr and wuld be the best option for PDQ


  • Bump, we would also like to see this integration. 

  • I think also today a PAM integration is an absolute must have. Please put it on your roadmap.