PDQ special remote tools

Dear Sir,

I'm new with PDQ Inventory and Deploy.

but New Feature:

there is two tools for remote control (Windows Remote Desktop and VNC). but I would like to have a special Remote Control that allow me to see current session of Client.

1. VNC is not famous tools and it is good for WAN links.

2. Windows Remote Desktop is OK but you can not see his session as default. If you want to see his session, You have to know his username/password of domain and this situation is not suitable. Please build special remote control (such as Dameware mini remote control) that allow to share current session without any asking about username/password.

another example: ManageEngine Desktopcentral has its self web tools to remote desktop. (Lock Remote Keyboard and Mouse, Black the Screen, View only, Full Control, See current session)

please build this remote.



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