• SelfMan

    Try this:

    - copy the portable to "C:\Program files\zoomit"

    - create shotcut on your desktop

    - edit the permissions on the shortcut so EVERYONE is able to read the file.

    - move both files to your repository folder

    - create a new package with a file copy step

    - add the path to the portable exe and the target directory "C:\Program files\zoomit"

    - add a new file copy step

    - now add the path to de *.lnk (shorcut file) and specify the "C:\Users\Public\Desktop" as target

    test-deploy, but be sure to have appropriate rights and if everything is ok deploy

    The other option would be to create a batch file which would copy the files to target locations and use it as a installer while adding the exe and the lnk files via "additional files" in the install step.

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  • Ainar Prääm

    Thank you. It worked!

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  • SelfMan

    you are welcome.

    Which method did you use?

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