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Revit 2021r1 install

We are getting ready to move to Revit 2021.  Autodesk has changed the silent downloads and install process. I have the created a deployment on the Autodesk web site and downloaded that to my installs folder on my servers.  The new Revit 2021r1 install gives me a bat file to run on the local machine to install the software.  The path it gives me is a unc path.  It appears the unc paths cant get pushed thru pdq. 

I found a blog that said the PDQ Deploy copies the bat file to the local machine then runs it from there. In theory it should work.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

This is the batch file from autodesk

"\\internal\deploy\PDQ installs\AutoDesk\Deployments\Revit 2021C\image\Installer.exe" -i deploy -q --offline_mode -o "\\internal\deploy\PDQ installs\AutoDesk\Deployments\Revit 2021C\image\Deployment.xml" --manifest "\\internal\deploy\PDQ installs\AutoDesk\Deployments\Revit 2021C\image\{9FB94034-1624-4C66-9E71-2D8A22C8B785}\setup.xml" --extension_manifest "\\internal\deploy\PDQ installs\AutoDesk\Deployments\Revit 2021C\image\{9FB94034-1624-4C66-9E71-2D8A22C8B785}\setup_ext.xml"



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  • The account that PDQ runs under has to have rights to the share or it will fail.  

    I found it easier to copy all my files down to the box, run locally, and then remove the files when I was done.  This way if the network hiccuped during the install, the installation still continued.