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Reboot log

A couple days ago I pushed the .NET 4.8 upgrade to about to over 3000 devices of which 1700 required a reboot to complete.  I used the PDQ reboot command of those 1700 devices and I am wanting to retrieve a list of the devices that received the forced reboot so our team can troubleshoot and resolve some issues.  Where can I find that list of 1700 devices that received the push.  NEED HELP ASAP



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  • Hi Duane,
    you have to be more specific. I assume you have used a selection and the context menu Tools > Reboot/Shutdown. Am I correct?

    Reboot during dotnet installation is mostly required in cases where there are running dotnet application. I see no problem in that.

    For future reference, when you install a MSI package, use additional switches for logging.

    example: msiexec /i "installer.msi" /l*v "\\server\logs\%COMPUTERNAME%-installer.log"

    This way you will have all the log information in one place.

    Other than that, you might also collect some information from the event logs.
    Look at the list of errors generated by the installer here

    Basically events over 10000 are from the installer 10000 + error code. You can collect those you are interested in via PDQ Inventory's powershell scanner