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Who said you cant have fun in the lab?

A month ago, I've sent the following to the guys at PDQ. I hope you enjoy it aswell.



Once upon a time...

BETH, KHLOE and KYLIE went looking for their buddy NOOBNOOB from their SANTAS-HELPER group.
Apparently. he got lost in WEB-KMS, in the city of CRUCUBOT, which spreads along WEB-PS river.

On the way to ALANRAILS station they met RIP-VAN-WINKLE. He said that DEX-KNOWS
the address NOOBNOOB was going to, so they texted him and got the S19-LNKDMO-WEB street.

Before leaving, GROOT told them not to enter neither SITE1 nor SITE2, as there are
dangerous creatures from MICROVERSE-1 & MICROVERSE-2. As he is a man of few words,
it was all they've got from him while he returned to his GUINNESS.

Getting on the train with only three wagons - WKRP-1, WKRP-2 & WSUS was a bit complicated.
The WSUS was reserved for king VANCEMAXIMUS, but they found some seats in WKRP-2.
It was all tiny and SQUANCHY, but they were still cozy in there while listening to ABBA.

The train arrived at V-DCP-WEB station, where the conductor RICK (a nice guy), told them that
they have to get off, as the next stop at V-DCS-WEB had a rail accident. They had a chat.
His full name was RICKSANCHEZ-1 and he has a twin brother RICKSANCHEZ-2.
Their parents thought it was funny to give them he same name to make fun of the officials.
The brother works at a chemical factory where he got the nickname TOXICRICK, as he handles the
waste disposals.

After RICK left, BETH, KHLOE and KYLIE took a BLACKPANTHER cab to get to the other side of the city.
PLUMBUS, the cab driver's motto is GETSCHWIFTY, so he got them PDQ to the destination.

They rang the door bell at S19-LNKDMO-WEB many many times without success.
But as they were about to leave, the door finally opened.

Who is ringing MA-BELL so hard? I am not a morning BIRDPERSON! Said NOOBNOOB in the door.
Apparently, he didn't get lost, only heavy drunk with SPIDERMAN who was still asleep in his web-suite.

P.S.> The next day they went to SITE1, b'coz they have better booze and service then SITE2

P.S.S.> i hope that I did not miss any of the computer names :-D