Managing desktops/laptops in storage

I was curious if there is a standard practice on how to handle machines that are going 'on the shelf' for a period of time.  We have 50-60 laptops in storage currently not allocated, and they will not be cycled on and updated until we pull one for use.  Because of that, they will always show as unreachable and will not receive any push updates.

I'd love to hear how others manage their inventories with unused stock within PDQ Inventory.



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  • Hello,

    I have seen organizations utilize certain OUs in the AD, then exclude those OUs in Inventory's AD sync to keep them out of the way until they were brought back into service. Or add an exclusion that covered the out of service assets.

    I have also seen companies create a Collection for these and then add a Condition to their Deployment packages that require the targets to not be in the "Out of Service" Collection. 


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