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Azure AD joine PC - credentials not working

Hello - I have a few intune joined laptops.


My normal admin credentials don't work on it  - nor my normal current log user account does not work even on testing with only the device in PDQ inventory??


I'm also syncing my Inventory with AD- therefore obviously my intune joined laptop is not in the local AD. Can I automate network discoveries?  I add to manually add the laptop by name just due to the/16 subnet will obv take unreasonably long to scan.


Kind Reagrds,




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  • We currently do not support Azure AD.

  • Are you able to have different users log into your InTune joined devices?

    My predecessor was messing around with InTune + auto provisioning and one of the gotcha's I ran into is that only the user it was assigned to could login and no one else.

  • Sean Paczesny ,@...

    Different users are able to login - there is the main owner that can be set in Azure AD.


    I dont know if this help but regarding the existing issues with RDP to an Aure AD machine from this blog:

    "The last trick to make this work involves the username you specify on the logon screen. It must be in the following format:

    AzureAD\<full UPN in Azure AD>

    e.g. AzureAD\"


    I tried the AzureAD\  as a scan user but it still did not work even though it works for RDP and I tried to scan my PC which was l has my account in users and groups.


    Is there any hope for future PDQ inventory being able to work with Azure AD joined devices? 


    We are slowly migrating all or AD PC's over to Intune due to Local LAN/VPN implementation for communications with a DC's is showing its age in the time of COVID and working from home solutions.


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  • I used a powershell script to create a local user on all the machine, but now I can't get past an issue with the admin$ share.

    Does anyone have a powershell script that will rip through and fix all those issues for a local administrator user?


    Sure do want to get PDQ working with Intune/Microsoft Endpoint Manager.




  • @Colby Bouma  do you have a road map for Azure integration? We are slowly moving all our clients this way, it would be a shame if we had to drop PDQ as a tool as it's not supported.

  • I agree with all of the comments above, and would really welcome the integration with AzureAD, more and more customers are being pushed to AzureAD as their servers come to the end of their lives.  This surely must be on the list to implement within PDQ Deploy/Inventory.

    Please can we bump this up the list please 😀

    Andrew Read

  • This was covered in the most recent PDQ & A:

    They're looking into it, but in the meantime you'll need an onsite domain controller.