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Visio and Project Removal



We have 150 ish machines that still have Office 2013 (x86) on them. several have Visio or Project installed too.


I am currently trying to upgrade all of these to Office 2019 (x64). I have created the installation step no problem. works a treat as long as there is no other version of ofice installed. 


I have created an installation package using the office removal tool 3.1 and then followed by the installation tool but it appears that Visio and project are not removed during the removal phase. 

Would it be possible to get the script upgraded or even have separate scripts creating for Visio and Project removal?




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  • Steve, Office Pro\Std. 2019 has a tool called the ODT (Office Deployment Tool). This tool is used to deploy Office 2019 and will remove old versions of Office 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010 including Visio and Project. It's super easy to use just create the Configuration .xml file and run it from an elevated command prompt. You can run it from a server share on premise or use Microsoft CDN.I love PDQ but this tool is made just for what you're trying to do and is free.



  • Hi Willie,

    Thanks for your reply. was hoping to get one sooner, maybe even from a member of the PDQ team.

    I have an environment of around 300 machines, they had mainly Office 2013, some had Visio, some had Project some had both. The Visio and Project versions where 2013 and 2016.

    In an upgrade effort to make everything 2019 i used the config.xml to roll out the 2019 installation through PDQ, works a treat. First step is to run the office uninstall command then to run my installation. However it will always fail if the machine has Visio, Project or Office 365 installed..... so basically the Office removal tool in PDQ only works for Office core 2013. I was hoping that the script could be updated to remove all of these.