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Deploying Autodesk products

Hi all, I've deployed AutoDesk products with PDQ for the past couple of years with no issues. I've got the process down to a science.

However, over the past year it feels as if something has changed. All my installs time out, but the software installs. No changes have been made to our existing AutoDesk deployment and PDQ deployments. It wasn't a big deal before because we had most of the company upgraded. However, now we are in the process of ramping up for the 2021 upgrade and my deployments are timing out.

I've gone through the documentation and videos PDQ has released on this subject, I've double checked everything and it still times out. It's as if the machine isn't returning any codes. I am using the all powerful /W and I'm not including any updates. See below for specifics.

"\\path\Img\Setup.exe" /W /qn /I \\path\Img\C3D 2021.ini /language en-us



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