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I just put in a request but I think that was the wrong place.  Maybe this is better.


I have at least one computer right now that is showing uptime of 12 days. I emailed the user and asked them to restart. They said they restart every day but they would do it now. I continuously pinged their machine to make sure they were in fact restarting, and they did. When their computer was offline, I right-clicked on their machine and choose heartbeat. The uptime disappeared. When the computer came back up, the uptime went to 12 days 1 hour. Why is this happening?



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  • it does say that .NET 4.8 is not installed.  Not sure if this has something to do with it.

  • I ran into something like that a couple of times in my environment on a few machines.  My issues were from a combination of "fast startup enabled" + flaky motherboards on laptops + user error.

    In all cases, when i opened task manager to check uptime on the machine, it matched what PDQ Inventory reported.

    First step I've taken is to remote into the machine and trigger the power off myself rather than replying users.  A couple of mine insisted they "shut down" but "shut down" to them meant physically closing laptop and nothing else!

    My money would be on the "fast startup enabled" though.


  • I can try disabling fast startup, but the one user I just tested with did a restart, not a shutdown, and the uptime still says 12 days.  From what I read they said restart should fix the uptime, and fast startup only affects the shutting down.....

  • It's very possible it's flaky hardware.  I've had 10'ish Dell Latitude 5490's that wouldn't power down completely.  Click on shut down and everything goes dark, wait min or three and hit the keyboard and the keys light up but screen never comes back on.  Passed diagnostics but I took a video and sent it to dell tech i was working with and they dispatched a new motherboard.

    So i wouldn't rule out hardware completely.

  • Update: I needed to installed .NET 4.8 on the computer, have them restart, and then the uptime is perfect!

  • Some of my servers already installed the .Net 4.8 but not Asp.Net. Still, the update shows incorrectly in PDQ..As checked in Task Manager it shows the correct value. I don't see any Fast Start-up option in Server 2016, 2022.

    This issue starts raising after upgrading the server from 2012 to 2016 to 2019 to 2022...

    Also, some of the 2022 servers are reflecting the correct value in PDQ

    PDQ scan profile set for 5 hours intervals and 24hrs interval 

    Around 35 servers are having this issue. 



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