How to set schedule for multiple daily deployment (backup up job)

I have created and successfully created a backup job task (Veeam Agent for Windows 4.x).

The task initially was set using Veeam Agent for Windows to run at 8pm then shut down the machines (mainly laptops) but recently users are working from home and do not come to the office regularly (sometimes only once or twice a week) so their laptops are not left overnight in the office (work from home).

So I already created a PDQ inventory collection "online-win10" that detects users in the office (logged on within the corporate LAN/Wifi & not on VPN).

I edited "global" preferences to only run 5 machines at a time. timeout 300 minutes (else deployments get timed out error as some backup may run as ling as 1 or 2 hours).

I created a schedule that runs weekly (Mon-Fri only at 11am), target based on PDQ inventory collection "online-win10".

Is there a way I can run the same schedule like at 2pm for those "targets" that are not included in the 11am run ? Example Lappy-A, Lappy-B & Lappy-C are targets at 11am but only Lappy-C fails. Lappy-D comes in at 1pm. So at 2pm, the schedule-2 only runs for Lappy-D ?





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  • Adrian,

    You can access deployment data from within Inventory. You can see examples of this by opening up a computer in Inventory and going to the Deployments table. Using this data, I would create a single dynamic collection that you target for your backups schedule that has a condition of the machine being online and not having a successful deployment of your backup package with an end time within the past 24 hours. That should prevent any repeats.

  • Hi Luke Nichols, thanks for the reply.

    As this is not really a deployment (not a deployment of backup application) but running a backup job (deployment of command line) so inventory does not show, unless I need to dig and find out how to see "Veeam last successful backup time".


  • Adrian,

    How are you rolling out the backup job?

  • Luke Nichols its just running the veeam.exe with /silent. That will trigger the already set up local job


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