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deploying bitdefender

Hello. I already searched for this topic on here and found one post but it didn't really address or answer any of my questions. 

I'm trying to create a package to deploy BEST or Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools. The way we have always done it is manually move a folder containing install file espkit_64 and and xml file which is required for install file to work. From there we just run the install file and then it's done. 

Obviously now that we have PDQ I'm trying to deploy the package like we do everything else. The problem is that it doesn't work like any other file due to the XML file requirement, which all comes down to how it's needs some sort of additional parameter for the license, I believe. 

Anyway, I have tried every combination you can think of to make the package work, including:

  • esp_installer file with GZ_PACKAGE_ID=longlicensestring as an additional parameter
  • setupfile-[longlicensestring] that comes from the gravity zone portal
  • espkit_64 with the xml file as additional file

Can someone please help me figure this out? I really need to make bitdefender silently deployable. 



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  • Hope someone can give feed back. I also am in need to deploy with PDQ

    Neil, if you figured it please let us know


  • I fixed the problem for me. 

    The problem is that I was keeping all the install files in downloads folder in my domain account session on the DC. I moved the files to PDQ's repository and that made it work like a charm. Using this method:

    • esp_installer file with GZ_PACKAGE_ID=longlicensestring as an additional parameter
  • Was looking for instructions this morning.  Found official documentation from Bitdefender here:

    I followed the first two sections (downloaded the Windows Downloader, then Deploy BEST via msiexec.exe command line).  You'll need the eps_installer_signed.msi and your setupdownloader_[YourIDHere].exe files in the same folder.  My completed package looks like this:

    Deployment took a whopping 8 seconds.  Very easy once configured.

    Good luck!