deploying bitdefender



  • Sebastien Rivard

    Hope someone can give feed back. I also am in need to deploy with PDQ

    Neil, if you figured it please let us know


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  • Neil Messer

    I fixed the problem for me. 

    The problem is that I was keeping all the install files in downloads folder in my domain account session on the DC. I moved the files to PDQ's repository and that made it work like a charm. Using this method:

    • esp_installer file with GZ_PACKAGE_ID=longlicensestring as an additional parameter
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  • Dan Carp

    Was looking for instructions this morning.  Found official documentation from Bitdefender here:

    I followed the first two sections (downloaded the Windows Downloader, then Deploy BEST via msiexec.exe command line).  You'll need the eps_installer_signed.msi and your setupdownloader_[YourIDHere].exe files in the same folder.  My completed package looks like this:

    Deployment took a whopping 8 seconds.  Very easy once configured.

    Good luck!


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