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Removing Candy Crush and all games by publisher

Anyone know of a way to remove all of the Candy Crush / Farm Heros / Candy Crush Soda Saga ...etc. from  We have the site blocked so in theory none of the games can be used.  However, we are wanting to use PDQ Deploy to remove all instances of the games that seem to be installed in c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\



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  • Personally I use the script located here:

    It removes everything pre-installed with Windows except for what you specifically whitelist in the script. It was a simple copy+paste into my MDT task sequence without editing anything except allowing a couple extra applications. This way you never need to find a specific program to explicitly remove whenever Microsoft decides to add something new, just add what you may need. It can be run on machines already deployed, but I am fairly certain it will need to be run on each existing user's account on the PC. After you run it once, the change will take effect for any future accounts that have yet to log in, but all existing accounts on the machine will still have the apps.


    The script is working without any modifications as of Windows 10 v2004.