• Chris Flick

    Hopefully you figured this out. I'd probably run the stock "Hardware Devices" report, then find one or two of your laptops that has that dock connected. Then scroll through all the devices detected on that machine, and from their you should be able to pick out something to identify the dock, then build your collections or report from that.  I've done something similar to detect dictation microphones form our inventory. So now i can easily identify machines that have a specific microphone.  So something similar should be able to be done with your dock?

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  • GrantG

    PDQ itself doesn't seem to list any specific Dock hardware, nor does Device Manager on the computers.

    But like Chris said, there are often components listed that are only present if a dock is attached.

    For example, if I list all the non-wifi, non-vpn network adapter names, I see that all of our Dell Latitudes have an "Intel Ethernet Connection" of various types, and some also have a "Realtek USB GbE Family Controller.

    On ours, the Intel ones are the onboard ethernet, and the Realtek ones are the docks ethernet port.

    It appears from a quick search that WMI may reveal more specific info, like this one: 

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