Verify a computer is online by checking the hostname of IP address

Hello everyone,

The DNS records on my domain are all out whack, resulting in scenarios like this where three different computers are listed as having the same IP address:


In this situation is actually DDUDEK-0, however I'm trying to set up a deployment/schedule that alerts me when MFULVIO-1 comes online. If I'm alerted that MFULVIO-1 is online when its actually DDUDEK-0 then of course the alert isn't helpful.

What I'm wondering is if there is a way in PDQ Deploy that when a computer comes online I can get the hostname of the IP address and compare it to the value PDQ Inventory has. So for this scenario when MFULVIO-1 supposedly comes online, I can get the hostname of and compare this to the value PDQ Inventory has stored in Name. If they match the deployment will proceed to send me an alert, if they don't match the deployment ends with failure.

In PDQ Deploy I'm able to get the IP and hostname of the computer the deployment is running on, but I'm not sure if there is a way to compare that to a value in PDQ Inventory.



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  • Alex, are these pc's on premise or remote? Are you using dhcp on a server or from your firewall?


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