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Canon CapturePerfect Silent Install

Hello Everyone, 

I am trying to get a silent install working with Canon's scanner utility, CapturePerfect, but can't seem to get it working. I have tried every silent switch I know of and googled as well as I can, but I'm still stumped. 

Does anyone have a working install for this software? Or is anyone willing to try to figure it out?

I am happy to provide a link to the official Canon download site if anyone wants to try it. 




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  • Please make sure that you have the box that says "Include Entire Directory" checked in the package setup. This option is required any time that there is more than just a singular setup file, such as setup.exe. For your case this is true, where there are files in the same directory that are most definitely required.

  • Thanks for the response, Evan. There are files in that directory! Unfortunately, checking that box didn't do the trick, though. It still isn't working.

  • Chris, what version are you trying to install and can you link to where you got it?

  • Thanks for responding again,Evan. I am trying to install CapturePerfect v3.1.

    I got the software from a disk that was included with the scanner. I just checked online because I thought that Canon had a download was available to anyone, but it looks like they don't have the full version of the software available for download. They just have upgrades, unfortunately. I would be happy to send the install file to you through dropbox, box, google drive, or onedrive if you'd like, but I understand that you may not find that very secure. 

  • We have use PDQ to install capture perfect 3.1.41. Since it's an installshield installer you first need to create a setup.iss response file and put that in the install directory. And then just run the installer with a /s parameter.


    I did find that if you don't need the sharepoint plugin delete that plugin folder in the installer folder before you create your setup.iss file.   


  • Your solution worked! 

    Deleting that plugin folder and running the install with an /s parameter and linking to the .iss response file did the trick.

    Amazing. This will save me so much time! Thanks, Dan! I really appreciate the help.

  • Thank you for your help as well with this!  I know a couple years ago I failed at trying to get a package to work.  Today, 10 min later - Success!

    One more thing to mention for those that have not created a setup.iss file before, here's a quick tip:

    To create the setup.iss file:

    in cmd prompt cd to your setup.exe file then type:

    setup.exe -r

    After you complete the setup, the "setup.iss" file will be located in your C:\Windows directory.

    Copy that file to where your setup.exe is.

    Then with PDQ Deploy - Create the package, navigating to the setup.exe

    Make sure to check the box "Include entire directory"

    Then make sure to add the "-s" parameter to setup.exe

    setup.exe -s