Should every package in the library have a matching collection automatically?



  • Colby Bouma

    All collections in the Collection Library are built manually. There are a few packages in the Package Library that never received a corresponding collection. I will bring this up with the Packaging team, but I don't know when/if a collection might be built.

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  • Jason Brainerd


    I could understand if you guys never do ones for these older packages that haven't been updated in years (2017 for Classic Shell), but it would be really nice if newer packages could have matching collections that stay updated.  It just makes it so much easier since they'll show up when running a report on Old Applications.  

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  • Chris Lambert

    If there is not an auto library, I build out ones for every package we deploy. 

    This means that scheduled app updates are just one deployment of nested packages that only affect non-current versions

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