Get Back 3010 on a Cumulative Update Push but Update is Not Installed



I pushed the latest Win 10 (1607) ans 2016 Update (KB4593226) to some servers. Rec'd the 3010 back and thought I was good after a reboot but after rebooting the servers the update is not installed. Not showing up in Installed Updates and when running Windows Update manually systems go out and download it.

I thought 3010 was a success code requiring just a reboot. Any thoughts ?





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  • Hi Footbridge Farm,
    I am afraid that this is outside PDQ responsibilities. It has to be a bug of the particular installer.
    I found multiple posts for failed installation of KB4593226. On of the users suggested to free up space on the drive, which did help him. 

    one of the possible reasons:

    Problem: After installing KB4467684, the cluster service may fail to start with the error “2245 (NERR_PasswordTooShort)” if the group policy “Minimum Password Length” is configured with greater than 14 characters.
    Fix/Workarround: Set the domain default "Minimum Password Length" policy to less than or equal to 14 characters. Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

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