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need to read an XML file and make an IF decision

in a deployment package, trying to figure out a way to check the contents of a specific .xml file on the hard drive of the target PC and IF a certain string matches then abort the install ELSE proceed to delete/re-install the application, something like this batch file, but not sure best way to read xml into memory to parse it and make a decision on it:

IF EXIST "c:\dassaultsystemes\C214"

somehow read "c:\dassaultsystemes\C214\sftmgt\install.xml" file into memory

IF install string matches "V6R2103xE.HF9"

Exit 2
write-output "C214 already installed successfully, exiting"


ren "c:\dassaultsystemes\C214" "c:\dassaultsystemes\C214_OLD"

timeout /t 10 /nobreak

rmdir "c:\dassaultsystemes\C214_OLD"

Exit 0
write-output "bad C214 install removed, proceeding with new install"


Exit 0
write-output "proceeding with initial install"




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  • I recommend using PowerShell, it can read XML files.

    It would look something like this:

    [XML]$C214 = Get-Content "c:\dassaultsystemes\C214"
    if ($C214.install_string -eq "V6R2103xE.HF9") {
    Write-Output "C214 already installed successfully, exiting"
  • thx, i'll try that but did get this working as well:

    $result = Select-String -path "C:\DassaultSystemes\C214\SftMgt\Install.xml" -pattern "V6R2013xE.HF9" -SimpleMatch
    if ( $result.count -gt 0 )
    Write-Output "C214 already installed successfully, exiting install package"
    exit (2)