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Display Message after package deployment not working correctly

I have a software package that displays a message in step 1 to let users know software will be updated. In Step 2, the package will install. Step 3 is the final message displaying the installation is completed. Our users have to be connected to the vpn in order to get the software deployed. When the software installs, it will automatically disconnect them from the vpn. The issue is, the user never receives the step 3 message to indicate installation completed until after they connect back to the vpn even though the package completed install while disconnected from vpn.

Thx in advance for any assistance given



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  • THi Hurricane03,
    he problem is simple. The background service finishes its job but it is not able to communicate with the server because of the disconnected VPN. Hence it does not receive the command to display the message nor will you see a successful deployment status  in the console. The problem can be partially avoided by creating a custom installer. To send a message, you can use either PowerShell ( or the MSG command.
    i.e. msg * /server:localhost /time:30 /V "Hello world"
    (shows the "Hello world" message to all users on the computer for 30 seconds and closes