Interval Deployments After Time Lapse



  • Luke Nichols

    In my opinion, the best approach would be to do this:

    • Create a PDQ Inventory collection containing only computers that haven't had the script run within the past 7 days. See below for an example of how to build this collection (I used my Zoom package as an example but you would change the package name to match your script package)
    • Create a PDQ schedule that targets only that collection and runs on a heartbeat + interval trigger.
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  • Anon4343

    Oh. I hadn't thought about using the collection as a way of keeping track a deployment. Interesting. Thank you. It looks like the collection will only include computers that have had the deployment run on it once before. Which means, it would never have a computer listed. Is there a way to read a deployment status of null or never?


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