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Auto Reports xlsx problem


When i save a report in xlsx from the button "Save Data to file" i get a nice excel with row 1 containing headers and one row for eache result.


When i put the same report in a auto report and with the xlsx format i get a monstruosity with row 1 containing headers, row 2 containing nothing visually, collapsed (vertical size reduced) in excel and a Thirs row also looking empty but counting as a row when manipulating the file.

Why ? Is it possible to get the auto report report files in the same format as when you do the "Save Data to file" ?

this is really annoying.

P.S. I would not care if there was an option to save/send reports only if they have results. an option asked by many and that should not be too hard to implement.

I tried to mimic that by using scripts and auto reports files but now I have trouble finding if a report has data or not because if i have 0 results i get an excel with 3 rows and if I have one result i also get an Excel with 3 rows (and the second row contains the data.)




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  • Hi F V,

    can you share some samples/screenshots for better understanding?

  • Sure.

    This is what you get when you auto report to an xlsx file : 

  • What version of PDQ Invertory are we talking about?

  • I believe this is a known issue. I recommend contacting

  • I contacted Support and I got confirmation this is a bug but no estimation available on when it will be fixed.


    This is on the latest version available of PDQ

  • Is there any update to this? I also am seeing the difference in "Save as data file" and auto report exporting as XLSX.