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PDQ deploy & Webhooks


I used visualping to monitor half a dozen webpages for vendors release notes. When a new version of an application is updated, the webpage gets updated, but ususlly the download link remains the same, eg.

When visualping detects a change in the webpage, it fires me an email. But I still need to manually clink into the email, check the website change, download the update, move to my PDQ repo, amend the deploy task, etc.

How much of this could be automated? Visualping uses webhooks, but these are new to me so I'm not sure where to get started. Once visualping has notified the webhook there would also need to be a script or something to action the download. Perhaps a feature request for PDQ Deploy.

On that subject, I have other ideas that I would like to submit. Is there an official 'feature request' topic or process?

And, how do popular packages get into the default PDQ library? is there a voting mechanism?

Thanks in advance.



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  • Thanks Dagannoth Rex

    I didn't know PDQ could do this. It seem this powershell script would take care of updating PDQ once I had the installer downloaded and sitting in a folder called the version number. That's half the automation covered.

    Now I just need a way of tapping into visualping's webhooks to trigger an automatic download and put it in my repository... 

    ...anyone able to suggest ways to do this?

  • Ketarin might be worth looking at. It has been many years since I've used it though :)