Windows 10 Build Updates Fail with PDQ

Running into build update failures with Windows 10 2004(20h1) and 2009(20h2). Running Windows updates or using the Windows Update Assistant work fine. Looking to do this in mass vs one by one. This used to work but after Microsoft put a hold it has never worked since. This is what I was using that no longer works using PDQ: /auto Upgrade /quiet /Compat IgnoreWarning /showoobe none /DynamicUpdate Disable /NoReboot

Anyone have recent successful experience with pushing Win10 build updates?
ex. build 1809 to 2004 or 2009.



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  • One of the caveats is to ensure your drivers and BIOS are on the latest version.  Based on my experience, Windows now detects incompatibilities and will fail the install/upgrade if he drivers and BIOS do not meet their standards.  Since I use Dell for endpoints, the process has been easy using Dell Command | Update. Just stage things in the right order with a reboot between dcu-cli and the Upgrade

  • Thank you for that info, I have tried all of the Windows updates for drivers, using the lenovo update utility, also downloading latest intel video driver. I was digging through panther folder files for the hard block errors as well, kept getting stumped.

    After speaking with support what I did find that is working as of 30 seconds ago from this post! is copying the files to the target then running the setup.exe with parameters. 100% success rate so far! =)

  • Right!  The upgrade data set has to be local to work properly


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