Create collection from advanced report

I have created an advance report showing the last logged on Sam user but I can’t seem to create a collection from it, is this normal or have I done something wrong?


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  • The  "Create collection from report" button is only available if your report has 1 or more Filter.

  • Thanks for the info Dagannoth Rex, I modified my report and removed a filter so I could apply it through the gui instead of the code but unfortunately the same issue.

    I then read article you provided in the link but it starts off with "Any Basic report can be used as the basis for creating a new dynamic collection" so I'm starting to think that creating collections from SQL Reports(i used the incorrect word "advance " in my question) may be a limitations PDQ has imposed but I would be happy to be proven wrong.

  • That is correct. You cannot create Collections from SQL Reports.


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