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Can you link a MS SQL db to sql lite?

I would like to link a view in another database to a registry value I am pulling for machines into inventory so that my PDQ reporting can show things such as the users department and team in report. Is it possible to link and SQL database or perhaps Creator join in the SQL query of advanced report?


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  • Hi Chris, do you mean it like inter-process communication via registry or SQL?
    In theory, the PowerShell scanner could do that, but I don't have enough experience with that to create a sample.

  • Hey SelfMan,

    Sorry, rereading my question it is worded a little weird.

    To clean up the question a little:

    Can I join a MS SQL table to a PDQ Report?

    I have a MS SQL database hosting our payroll data that includes the company structure and would like to get that information to add to a SQL report in PDQ.


    I have had a little experience recently with using powershell to get data from the SQLlite that hosts the PDQ database and pushing that data back into custom fields. So i'll take your advice and have a bit of a look to see how much is involved with connecting powershell to MSSQL and then importing that data into the PDQ DB also. 

    Thank you :)