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  • SelfMan

    Hi Heather,
    to have a desktop shortcut for all users, the simples way is to create one in "C:\Users\.Public\Desktop" and then copy it to all the machines where you need to have it. Just don't forget to modify it's access rights so people can see and use it but can't delete.

    Deploy the file to all computers and you are done. For back check, its possible to use the file scanner and check for the file's existence. So go to "Scan profiles", create a new scan profile, enter a name, choose scan user and click add > Files and Directories.
    Select type "File" and enter the path to the desktop link. i.e.:
    After saving, you can use this scanner profile to look for the shortcut file and you can create a new dynamic collection / report based on this information.
    i.e. File > New > Dynamic collection
    Give it a name "Computer mising desktop link"
    in the filter select "Not any" edit filter value to Files and Directories, column = Name, comparison=contains, value=MySpecialApp.lnk

    and save. The collection should populate with all the machines without the desktop shortcut.

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